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Hello Fellow Adventurers!

I’m Alessandra, a Biochemist originally from Boston and an exuberant daredevil with a sharp sense of humor and a passion for exploration. I desire traveling the world and creating daring and unexpected experiences. This site is intended to divulge how everyone can incorporate travel and adventure into their busy life.
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Lago di Carezza: Hiking the Rainbow Lake

There was a light rain, misting the alpine trees while fog snuck around the lengthy, attenuated, coffee-colored trunks. The air was fresh and crisp and smelled of petrichor, the damp earthy odor following a storm.

The Matterhorn: The Mountain of Mountains of the Swiss Alps

Last year I turned 25, a quarter of a century, which for me felt monumental and needed to be memorialized. Celebrating this important life event meant doing something quite crazy to commemorate it properly. Thus

18 Adventures To Cross Off the Bucket List in 2018

We are one week away from 2018! It’s time for our New Years resolutions! Instead of vowing to use that gym membership you purchase annually, how about promising yourself to have more adventures?! Here

Budapest: From Ruin Bars to Beer Spas

I spent my long weekend in this buzzing metropolitan city soaking in thermal baths, getting tipsy in beer spas and ruin bars, drowning in goulash, reveling in operatic performances, and absorbing all the culture

Seductive Sardinia: Italy’s Enchanted Island

Watercolor painted sandy beaches bathed in turquoise water, an Italian language sounding somehow not Italian at all,  food brought up from the sea between the coasts of Africa and Italy, and the distinct smell

Céüse, France: A Climber’s Dream

I arrived in Gap, France in the dark of night. The thick fog covering everything, waited to reveal the charming land come sunrise. But for now, the van sped blindly around bends, through small, quaint

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